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Wolf Eyes, “Lower Drolls” MP3

August 05, 2013

A few months back, when Wolf Eyes' No Answer: Lower Floors LP, was hitting stores, we thought it'd be an interesting experiment to ask the 17-year-old Michigan noise collective to make us a mix. As it turns out, they took the "mix" idea pretty loosely, sending us back a 17-minute-long original called "Lower Drolls." Like much of their last album, it's an economical, funereal-paced amalgam of mechanical beats, static-y drones and chewy sounds from all over the auditory spectrum. Grab a copy of No Answer: Lower Floors from De Stijl, watch a recent skate video from the band at NPR and see if you can figure out the rationale behind ringmaster Nate Young's use of colons in the written accompaniment he provided for "Lower Drolls," below.

If you dont have access to the "My Twin The Worm" segment of the masterpiece modern(isn) anthology of haunted hollywood sexual absurdness "Trapped Ashes" : then put on the headphones: go around one to the one of the 250 graves Dissection "insulted" at dusk: lay back on the damp grass: make sure no one is around: coat your skin in spoiled and unbatised dollar store sun tan lotion- and let the 17 minutes of all the unholy drum "black holes" in the Wolf Eyes "Lower Floors" give your dark shaking brain nug jelly a firm "No Answer" to your assaulted nervous system. After you open your eyes it will be ALMOST night/dark out: and then you can meet with your woods/urban hermit friends at your secret terror basement in the outskirts of your lonely town and FINISH that nuclear warhead you are ALMOST done building with runs SOLEY on expired antisocial witchcraft. LOOK ALIVE DROLL SOUND VICTIMS!!!

Download: Wolf Eyes, "Lower Drolls"

Wolf Eyes, “Lower Drolls” MP3