FADER/MoMA PS1 Warm Up Mix: Lil Silva

August 29, 2013

Every Saturday every summer, MoMA PS1 presents Warm Up, an event series taking place in their enormous courtyard. The museum—MoMA’s longstanding sister site in Long Island City, Queens—is a lightning rod for new and exciting artists, and each week’s performers inhabit a similar space in the music world. As a warm up to Warm Up, FADER and MoMA PS1 will be posting an exclusive mix from one of the upcoming week's artists. Today we've got London's fantastic producer Lil Silva, who'll hold down this Saturday's Warm Up with Cajmere, Liars and IO ECHO. Download Lil Silva's mix, read a quick interview and buy tickets here.

Download: Lil Silva's FADER/MoMA PS1 Warm Up Mix

What is your favorite summer jam right now? It's been a track off Jai Paul's leaked record for a while now, I think its track 11?… Although I keep singing Storm Queen "Look Right Through" at the moment. Thats the next one!

What's the best summer vacation you ever took? I went to Croatia in 2011 for Outlook festival, it was dope. Super peaceful and in the night we just went crazy at the festival. I played a few times that year and there hasn't been a lot of festivals / vacations that have topped that one.

Who is a visual artist that you admire, and why? I wouldn't know who to say that I admire at this current point but Ferry Gouw is great. He did my artwork and the video for "No Doubt" off my new Distance EP that came out earlier this month. He got my vision spot on and made something super trippy but also dark. Check him out if you haven't! Oh, I also think Jesse Kanda. who has been doing the Twigs videos, is killer. Every video she has put out has been great. Those two guys are doing it right now.

What's your favorite summertime snack, and where do you get it? Summertime snack, hmmm, don't really deal with snacks in the summertime. Over here we about that BBQ cookout when we get sun for half a day! All about Mile Road Club in Bedford, ha. Summertime snacks?! Ain't nobody got time for thattt!

Justin Martin & Ardalan - Wheel Gunner
Pearson Sound - Clutch
Kry Wolf - Concrete
Storm Queen - Look Right Through
Mak & Pasteman - Dither
Lil Silva Ft Sampha - Salient Sarah
We Work Night - The Quiff
Lil Silva - Mask
Asap Ferg & Asap Rocky - Shabba Ranks
French Fries - Vogue Vip
Destiny's Child - Get On The Bus
Boddika - Heat
Jay Z - Crown
Lil Silva - One Twenty
Artifact - Worn
Bad Mojo - Burn Slow
Lil Silva ft Rosie Lowe - No Doubt

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FADER/MoMA PS1 Warm Up Mix: Lil Silva