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RJ f. TeeFLii, “Get It” (Prod. by DJ Mustard) MP3

September 26, 2013

RJ, of YG and DJ Mustard's Pushaz Ink label, just dropped a tape, O.M.M.I.O (On My Mama I'm On). Mustard hosts and the project, downloadable below, overflows with guest appearances from fellow underdog torch-bearers of the new West Coast sound, including TeeFLii, TeeCee4800 and Reem Riches. On "Get It," TeeFLii, the ideological love child of YG and Jeremih, adds an effortless hook and verse to what sounds like a Mustard re-imagining of Laid Back's 1983 italo hit "White Horse."

Download: RJ f. TeeFLii, "Get It" (Prod. by DJ Mustard)

Download: RJ, O.M.M.I.O

RJ f. TeeFLii, “Get It” (Prod. by DJ Mustard) MP3