James K, “Drunktrack” MP3

James K—after working with Gobby and Physical Therapy—sets out her own. Download a track from the producer and singer’s forthcoming RUM EP.

November 11, 2013


James K—one half, with Gobby, of SETH, and the singer on Physical Therapy's "Drone On"—breaks out as a does-it-all solo artist on RUM, her first release as both producer and vocalist. The EP will be self-released on November 19th and features "Drunktrack," a gorgeous song with strategically multi-tracked, syllables-drawn-out vocals that remind me a bit of Glasser. Listen to "Directions" too—she's got such a confident, complex style. (Check out more out-there, not-always-musical work here.)

Stream: James K, "Drunktrack"

Stream: James K, "Directions"

James K, “Drunktrack” MP3