Submit To “Jellisy,” A Synth Whirlwind Of A Song By James K

It’s taken from the New York producer’s debut album PET, out April 15.

March 23, 2016

On "Jellisy" from her forthcoming debut album PET, New York producer James K's vocals take on the quality of a soft synth, dancing though scales above a Casio-y beat. It's a brief whirlwind of a song, one that swiftly sweeps you up into its world; for every second of its 2m28s runtime, it's all you can see. That's the way jealousy works, too: all-consuming, like oxygen on fire.

James K told us a little bit about the story behind the song: "I am mischievous, denying my own experience. I allow the lows of my psyche to take over, I use them to thrive and get high. Then I catch myself dancing and wilting at the same time. Am I a masochist? I might be, but 'Jellisy' is about wanting. It is a non-state, jelly—trapped in a primitive pattern."


PET will be released April 15 via James K's label She Rocks and German label Dial. 1080p will also issue a special edition cassette version. Listen to an album teaser over here.

Submit To “Jellisy,” A Synth Whirlwind Of A Song By James K