James K’s Video For “Paranormal” Is Like A Lucid Dream

There’s more to this indoor swimming pool than meets the eye.

July 15, 2015

They say that you can tell you're having a lucid dream if you can identify things within your dream that would seem a little bit off to the waking mind. If we're going by those guidelines, James K's video for "Paranormal"—which is premiering on The FADER today—is a lucid dream you can enjoy when you don't have the time to let your own REM cycles take over. Featuring curious details like a diver holding a candle, the NYC artist—who is also one half of SETH with Gobby—told us that the video is a reference to Andrei Tarkovsky’s 1983 film Nostalghia in which a world-saving ritual is carried out.


The video's aqua aesthetics highlight the distortion of the audio track—it's as if you're listening to James K perform while you're both underwater. "The song is a meditation on a feeling," James K told FADER. "It is a hymn, a breath, a whimper. It’s about letting my insides out and making friends with them again. Through the song, I'm looking at myself and I'm trying not to absorb myself again. The song is a ritual to save oneself from being totally consumed." James K's brand new label She Rocks! is putting out "Paranormal" as a 7" (order it here). It's taken from her forthcoming album PET, which will be dual released by She Rocks! and Canadian tape label 1080p in 2016.

James K’s Video For “Paranormal” Is Like A Lucid Dream