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Stream Euglossine’s Tristaria LP

Gainesville’s Euglossine releases the soundtrack to a write-your-own fantasy tale. One of the most unique producers around.

December 17, 2013

Earlier this year, I premiered Gainesville musician Euglossine's Dance District album, still one of the most unique-sounding things I've heard all year—back then, I likened it to some drunken crab thing, because really what else does it sound like. Last week, he shared a second 2013 LP, called Tristaria, $8 to download via Elestial Sound. It sounds like so many weird, fun things, how could you even pick one—Tristaria is a write-your-own fantasy novel in MP3 format, a hero story only so far half-told.

Stream: Euglossine's Tristaria LP

Stream Euglossine’s Tristaria LP