Parks Burton debuts ambitious Pare LP

RIYL live-cell microscopy and small emotional themes.

April 10, 2018
Parks Burton debuts ambitious <i>Pare</i> LP Courtesy Grind Select

On April 13, Parks Burton is releasing an LP called Pare on Grind Select. Taken altogether, its song are a cross between the stuttered funk of One Word Extinguisher and micro-movements of Iglooghost… but then so jazzy and serene, more like Steely Dan than you'd think or even sometimes Frank Ocean… that's not just one color friends that's a whole rainbow!!!


That's sort of how they describe the work? “Pare is an attempt at live-cell microscopy on small emotional themes. By way of a certain kind of layered synth density, I found I could illustrate and catalogue these totally minuscule perceptual moments that I didn't otherwise have the vocabulary for. Pare is the total diagrammatic layout of these structures, trimmed and sequenced into something resembling pop music.”

Such a fun, enveloping record. Preview it in full exclusively at FADER and pick up the pre-order now.

Parks Burton debuts ambitious <i>Pare</i> LP
Parks Burton debuts ambitious Pare LP