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Download Emily Reo’s Olive Juice Remix Album

Celebrate 4/20 with Emily Reo’s new 12-track remix album, featuring edits from Yalls, Euglossine and nine others.


Emily Reo's album Olive Juice, which she released last year on Florida label Elestial Sound, is a collection of summertime nap music that's gleaming and layered and made for zoning out. This spring she'll re-release the record as a limited-edition cassette (feels right) and to celebrate she put together an Olive Juice remix album, featuring six of her songs re-imagined by bedroom loop enthusiasts from her FMLY artist community and beyond, such as Dan Casey bka Yalls, Minnesota's Vacation Dad and nine others (fullest disclosure: the first track is a rework by The FADER's Duncan Cooper). Each Olive Juice cut is interpreted twice, which just goes to show how malleable they are: Euglossine's "Coast" is a chirpy, plastic remix that feels like listening to pop radio and playing Game Boy at the same time, while The Ocean Floor produced a more loyal, faintly disco-sounding edit of the same song. The album is streaming below in its entirety and available as a free download over at Bandcamp. This spring/summer, Reo will tour North America with her boyfriend Cuddle Formation, whose remix of the Mario-referencing "Rainbow Road" closes out the album. Happy 4/20, y'all!!

Stream: Emily Reo's Olive Juice Remix Album

Download Emily Reo’s Olive Juice Remix Album