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Pure X Tease New LP with “Starlight”

Pure X release “Starlight,” a track from their forthcoming LP on Fat Possum, Angel.

February 13, 2014

A couple days ago, Pure X shared a Malcolm Elijah-directed video for "I Fear What I Feel," a track from their 2013 LP, Crawling Up the Stairs. Today, out of the blue, they just shared a downtempo melter called "Starlight," a track from a forthcoming LP on Fat Possum called Angel. The pained guitar tendrils are as present as ever, but three-part harmonies introduce a distinctly blissful, Laurel Canyon vibe. Angel is out on April 1st, potentially with the above airbrushed image as the cover art.

Stream: Pure X, "Starlight"

Pure X Tease New LP with “Starlight”