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Play Future’s “Move That Doh” Video Game

Play Future’s Grand Theft Auto-inspired video game for “Move That Doh.”

March 07, 2014

It might not be as real as being in a car chase with the police in a Jeep Wrangler with Future, Pharrell and Pusha T, but the "Move That Doh" video-game is probably as close as anyone can get to that dream. "It's collection time. Move That Doh" is the order of the retro Atari-style online video-game, where arrow keys navigate you through "collecting the kingpin's cash." Unfortunately, Pharrell doesn't have any tricks inside his signature Buffalo hat to help you navigate the lonely streets of this anonymous hood. The instructions of "Move That Doh" warn "Don't suck. Be awesome. Collect the cash or lose your ass." As low-fi as it may be, just like real life, it's just as important to earn respect points as Doh.

Posted: March 07, 2014
Play Future’s “Move That Doh” Video Game