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Stream Pure X’s Angel LP

It’s finally here: stream Pure X’s Angel LP in its entirety via SPIN.

I've been going on about the new Pure X record, Angel, to an almost embarrassing degree, and today it's streaming in its entirety over at SPIN, so I guess can finally stop gushing. The sound here is a continuation of the Austin band's sophomore LP, Crawling Up The Stairs —not the emotionally-disturbed first half — but the windswept, hopeful flip side (see: "Thousand Year Old Child"). There's a classic-country feel to Angel and a real sweeping timelessness; every glorious track melts patiently into the next. There are still moments of existential sadness, for sure, but the overarching mood is that eventually, someday, everything is gonna be alright. Whoops, still gushing. The LP officially drops April 1 via Fat Possum.

Stream Pure X's Angel

Posted: March 26, 2014
Stream Pure X’s Angel LP