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Lil Boosie Is Now on Vine and Tumblr

Post-prison, Lil Boosie is joining the world of social media.

May 07, 2014

As part of catching up to how the world has changed in the five years that he was in prison, the newly freed Boosie has joined Tumblr and Vine all at once. His first Vine is a video of him learning what a #selfie is, which you can watch below, and his Tumblr is a collection of nostalgic old photos, animated GIFs and #FreeBoosie web art. It's been an interesting week for incarcerated cultural icons: club kid Michael Alig was released from prison on Monday, and his former co-hort James St. James wrote him a pointed letter meant to educate him about all the changes in the world since his jailtime.

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Lil Boosie Is Now on Vine and Tumblr