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Stream “Reassuring,” the First Single Off of Jim-E Stack’s New Album

Jim-E Stack finally has an album coming out on Innovative Leisure—here’s the awesome first track.

May 29, 2014


It's been almost four years since we first posted a spastic remix by Jim-E Stack, then a wee lad of like 19 years old. And it's been nice to track his career ever since: on a new song, "Reassuring," the first from a debut album Tell Me I Belong, he is as mature and confident a producer as he's ever been. "Reassuring" maintains the wobbly tone of past music, but gone is the scattered bluster, and the ADD-quality of his earlier work replaced by subtlety and even a hint of melancholy.The single officially drops next week on June 3, and a track this deep makes us excited to hear all of Tell Me I Belong, which will be out on Innovative Leisure on July 29th.

For more on Jim-E, read our recent feature on the young producer.

1. Somewheres
2. Run
3. Below
4. Reassuring
5. Everything to Say
6. Is It me
7. Out of Mind
8. Ease Up
9. Without
10. Wake

Stream “Reassuring,” the First Single Off of Jim-E Stack’s New Album