MoMA Announces Full-Scale Björk Retrospective for 2015

New York’s Museum of Modern Art announces a full retrospective of Bjork’s career

June 18, 2014

Last week New York's Museum of Modern Art announced that Björk's Biophilia app would be the first mobile application in their collection, and today, according to The New York Times, they've taken their fascination with the Icelandic polymath even further announcing a full-scale retrospective her career for 2015.

The exhibition, which is being organized by the museum's curator at large Klaus Biesenbach, will cover the full run of Björk's solo career—from 1993's Debut all the way through Biophilia, with special consideration paid to her collaborations with photographers, artists, and major players in the fashion industry.

The museum plans to exhibit sound and video clips, images, and some of the singer's outlandish and forward thinking costumes, alongside a new "biographical and imaginitively fictitious" text penned by Björk and collaborator Sjon Sigurdsson.

A spokesperson for the museum has said that further details won't be released until the fall, but Biesenbach said that the "highly experimental exhibition offers visitors a direct experience of her hugely collaborative body of work." Consider us excited.

Posted: June 18, 2014
MoMA Announces Full-Scale Björk Retrospective for 2015