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Nautic Sum up Summer in a Song with “Lay Back”

The London trio follow up 2012’s “Fresh Eyes” with this meadow stroll evoking single.

July 02, 2014


Former GEN F-ers Nautic—the London-based trio of Bullion, Laura Groves and Tic Zogson—have been kept busy of late, what with Bullion running his label DEEK Recordings with its wonderful tagline "Pop, not slop!", Groves doing her solo thing, and Zogson getting caught up in the FKA Twigs whirlwind in his capacity as Young Turks' vibes man (plus, he played in her band). But fear not, for there's a whole new EP of their jazzy, sun-drunk meanderings on the way and you can listen to the first single, "Lay Back," right this very second. If strolling through a meadow with the sun in your eyes, scratching absent-mindedly at mosquito bites and savoring the thought of the picnic wilting in your backpack was a song, then this would be it. Keen-eared streamers will notice an additional voice in the mix—that's Nautic live collaborator Laura Coulson harmonizing with Groves, urging us all to lay back. Oh, go on then. DEEK will release Nautic's new EP, titled Navy Blue, on July 14th.

Nautic Sum up Summer in a Song with “Lay Back”