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Watch FKA Twigs’ Transcendental Video for Lucki Eck$ “Ouch Ouch”

Chicago’s Lucki Eck$ skews even further afield from the rest of the Chicago rap landscape with “Ouch Ouch,” thanks in part to the swirling, chirping, astral production by FKA Twigs. FKA Twigs also directed and … read more »

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System Focus: The Evolution of the Voice in the Digital Landscape

From Kraftwerk to FKA Twigs to Hatsune Miku, what does the changing role of voice say about the modern human? In his monthly column System Focus, The FADER’s favorite underground music critic Adam Harper stares … read more »

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FKA Twigs Shares LP1 Track “Two Weeks”; Watch the Official Video

UPDATE: 6/24/14: Now there’s an official Nabil-directed video for “Two Weeks” in which Twigs stars as a gold-smeared, Cleopatra-esque divinity; watch it above. FKA Twigs premiered a vocal harmony-laden new jam, “Two Weeks,” during an … read more »

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Watch FKA Twigs’ New Video for a Remix Of “Ache”

FKA Twigs, who has mastered the unsettling “uncanny valley” effect, is back with a new video for a remix of an older track— “Ache”—from her debut EP. Where most of her songs smack down with … read more »

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FKA Twigs Reveals Cover Art for Her Debut LP

When we visited FKA Twigs in London this Spring for our F91 cover story, the shape-shifting artist was hard at work on her debut LP for Young Turks. This morning, she revealed the title—LP1—the release … read more »

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Introducing The FADER’s 2014 Photo Issue: FKA Twigs and Ratking

The FADER’s 2014 Photo Issue hits newsstands on May 13th, and while you can pre-order a copy here, we’ve also made its three big features, including our cover stories on FKA Twigs and Ratking, available … read more »

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FKA Twigs: Power Play

FKA Twigs knows exactly what she wants From the magazine: ISSUE 91, April/May 2014 It’s only February, but the tree outside Twigs’ apartment is already blooming with clusters of tiny purple flowers. Tucked away on … read more »

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I was 21 when I moved to New York from a small Kentucky town. I had never eaten a bagel. All I knew about MetroCards I’d learned from Le Tigre. Back home, I’d been surrounded … read more »


FKA Twigs and inc. Team Up for Zine and 7-inch

FKA Twigs and inc. were made for each other, three black-winged angels of nu-R&B that make some of the most shattering music around, and now the brothers Aged and FKA have teamed up for music … read more »

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Announcing The FADER FORT Presented By Converse 2014

We are psyched to announce our return to Texas this year for The FADER FORT Presented By Converse, our annual four-day event in Austin. From March 12th until the 15th, we’ll be celebrating FADER’s 15th … read more »

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