In Other News: Porter Robinson, Fran Lebowitz and ANOTHER Lewis Record

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August 27, 2014

The Internet Unearthed a Third Lewis Album

Woooow: so it looks like the long-lost shirtless genius of the ’80s made a THIRD record. Love Ain’t No Mystery was recorded under the alias Randy Duke. Pitchfork has confirmed its authenticity. This is a song from it. It's all a little overwhelming.

W Higlights "Permanency" Exhibit at Leslie+Lohman Museum

W highlights the recent additions to the gay and lesbian art haven's permanent collection, including a bunch of stunning work by photographer Peter Hujar. Example a: this unreal portrait of a 24-year-old Fran Lebowitz under some bedsheets. 

Porter Robinson Roams NYC on Nowness

This came out a few days ago now, but it just entered our peripheral vision this morning. Watch as the 22-year-old EDM expat—and our recent Fall Fashion feature subject—ambles around the urban jungle in a video called Poter Robinson: ESC, shot for Nowness Watch if you like: arcades, Manhattan, and colossally dreamy synth-pop.  

NY Mag Defends the "Rando Freshman Roommate"

In a post-social media world, it makes sense that a lot of people are hand-picking their roommates based on what bands they like and if they seem like they smoke weed or not.  But in a new essay, NY Mag explores how randomly-assigned bunk buddies might be crucial to the college experience. "This is one of those few times in your life where you may find yourself living with someone who is completely different." 

And, Finally...

In Other News: Porter Robinson, Fran Lebowitz and ANOTHER Lewis Record