FADER Five: Spice’s Top Sex Positions

The unapologetically sexy dancehall shares her bedroom moves.

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Photographer Alex Welsh
September 02, 2014

In our newly minted FADER Five column, we ask the artists and producers orbiting our universe to riff on a theme and serve up five gems of their choosing. 

For Jamaican dancehall artist Spice, who has traded sexy verses with Vybz Kartel, informed dudes on how to give it to her right on “So Mi Like It," and established her name with live performances that are anything but timid —“That’s what dancehall is all about, aggressive dancing, brukking out and doing acrobatic moves” —it really seemed only natural to have some one-on-one girl talk about bedroom behavior. When asked how her stage persona differed from her private life, Spice’s brash voice dimmed to coquettish purr as she discussed the realities of dating in her native Jamaica and finding suitors that aren’t intimidated by her openly sexy ways. While in town for Hot 97’s On The Reggae Tip and the rest of the Labor Day festivities, we spoke candidly with Spice about her five favorite positions and exactly how she likes it in the Romping Shop.   

Grandma and Grandpa

This position is a modified missionary. Either of you can be on top, but you’re really close together. Its kind of old school, but I like how intimate it is. 


Doggy Style 

I’m not a big fan of it, but I’ll do it if the guy wants it. 


Lizard Lap

Both of you are sitting in the bed facing each other and the females legs are on top, wrapped around him.


Under Arrest

For this one, both of you are standing up and your face is to the wall with your arms and legs are spread out. The guy, who's standing behind you the whole time, needs to be very aggressive for this one to work just right. 

Spice’s Special

This one is simple and extremely nice. I lie on my back with my legs wrapped my neck. My absolute favorite.

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FADER Five: Spice’s Top Sex Positions