Mac DeMarco, Cadence Weapon and More Turn up to Party in TOPS’ New Video

Watch the Gregg Araki-inspired party scene for the Montreal four-piece’s album cut.

September 03, 2014

When I recently spoke to Jane Penny, the vocalist of Montreal four-piece TOPS, we talked for a bit about the music video for "Way to be Loved," a low-key earworm from band's just-released album, Picture You Staring. They had just filmed it the weekend before our chat, so the scene was fresh in her memory:

"This girl Jessica, she did the artwork for [Picture You Staring], she did this big poster that's a big group scene and TOPS is playing in the corner, but it's just a bunch of different types of people watching. The way she paints them, you can kind of imagine they might look like somebody you sort of know. We thought it would be cool to re-create that scene. At the office, we moved out all the desks and put fabric everywhere and had all our friends come. Everybody came dressed up however they wanted to and we just filmed it. We started in the early evening, and it went pretty late. It eventually just devolved, like—this is a party now."

The soft-lit video is now available to watch; it features appearances from Mac DeMarco, Alex Calder, Cadence Weapon and a bunch more of TOPS' homies from the Montreal scene and beyond, and successfully captures that small, special window of time at any party when everyone's happy and glowing and it feels like anything could happen. The clip was shot on film and was at least partly inspired by Gregg Araki's Nowhere. Coincidentally, we just published an interview with Araki from our Fall Fashion issue. Picture You Starting is out now on Arbutus.


Mac DeMarco, Cadence Weapon and More Turn up to Party in TOPS’ New Video