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Drippin Turns In Cashmere Cat-Cosigned Club Sounds On “Waterfall”

Bringing together Jersey club, larger-than-large 808s, and crystalline grime melodies, Drippin comes correct on his Lit City Trax debut.

Drippin Øystein Haara
Photographer Øystein Haara
October 30, 2014

J-Cush's experimental club imprint Lit City Trax has been on a roll lately. Their next release after that stellar EP by Saga comes from a Norwegian producer called Drippin, who has produced in styles ranging from progressive trance to rugged dancehall edits. Today we're premiering "Waterfall" off the Silver Cloak EP, and it sees the producer covering a few more bases, swiftly cutting together nitrous oxide-pressurized jersey club, larger-than-large 808s, and crystalline grime melodies. Indeed, Drippin told us that "Waterfall" was "really the creative spark that made me decide to start working on a cohesive collection of tracks that resulted in the Silver Cloak EP."

It brings to mind something FADER favorite d'Eon tweeted yesterday about two artists in contemporary instrumental grime, Dark0 and Slackk, saying that theirs was the sound of "massively distributed computer networks: "Waterfall" doesn't sound tied to any specific place—bringing to mind the idea of "club without a home" experimental dance music collective Janus's co-founder Dan Denorch talks about in this 032c interview—and that's because it's club music that borrows from all the diffuse strands of club it finds interesting that run through the networks it's a part of. Cashmere Cat said it most succinctly in a conversation with us about the release: "'Waterfall' kind of combines everything that really excites me about club music right now. Lit City Trax has been one of my favorite labels for a while, and this Drippin EP is my favorite thing they put out so far."

Drippin Turns In Cashmere Cat-Cosigned Club Sounds On “Waterfall”