Watch The Trailer For A Lauryn Hill-Narrated Documentary

The ever woke artist lent her voice to a documentary about colonialism in the Third World.

December 01, 2014

While she's been mostly quiet on the musical front, Lauryn Hill's voice is appearing on other projects: she's lent her voice to Concerning Violence, a documentary that explores Frantz Fanon's seminal anti-colonial text The Wretched of the Earth as well as rebellion in the Third World. It was directed by Göran Hugo Olsson, and as he told Dazed, it's a subject close to Hill's heart:

I knew through mutual friends that she was a huge reader of Fanon, so I wrote a paper letter and manuscript with images while she was in prison for tax problems. She replied immediately and said it's too strange, I'm here in prison and I'm reading that book now. So she said, I will not only do the voice-over, I will also do the music. She wasn't released until late October, so we didn't have the time for her to make music, but she was released from prison on Friday, on Monday morning she was in the studio making the recording for the narration.

Having completed a successful festival circuit run, Concerning Violence opensDecember 5th at the IFC Film Center in New York. Check out the trailer above.

Photo credit: Noam Galai/Getty

Watch The Trailer For A Lauryn Hill-Narrated Documentary