Robyn Is Working On A New Solo Album

New album and EP on the way from the Swedish pop force of nature.

December 10, 2014

This afternoon, recent FADER cover star Adam Bainbridge of Kindness and Robyn took to the former's Tumblr for a Q&A session (you'll remember that they just recently dropped the video for their collaborative Otherness cut "Who Do You Love"). Among the gems dropped in the hour-long e-meet-cute, a fan asked Robyn point blank, "YO ROBYN WASSUP WITH THAT SOLO ALBUM? I'VE BEEN WAITING HERE FOREVER." The Swedish pop force already told Pitchfork back in May that she "[hadn't] had a single good idea in six months," but this time, she was (slightly) more forthcoming in her answer: "Thank you for waiting. I'm working on it." Well, that's progress at least!

Another Tumblr user asked Robyn if there was anything else she was working on, and she mentioned an EP that's in the works with producer Markus Jägerstedt and late producer/frequent Robyn collaborator Christian Falk—so it sounds like there's plenty to come from Robyn in the future. Some other tidbits in the Q&A worth mentioning: Bainbridge's favorite One Direction song is "What Makes You Beautiful," Robyn once got a phone call from Britney Spears, and it's pretty unlikely that Bainbridge will let you braid his hair (Robyn, though, that's another story). Head over to Kindness' Tumblr to check out the whole sesh.

Lead photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Robyn Is Working On A New Solo Album