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Laura Marling Storms Back With “Short Movie”

“It’s a short fucking movie.”

December 17, 2014

Next spring, British singer/songwriter Laura Marling will deliver what promises to be an electrified follow-up to 2013's folksy Once I Was an Eagle. She documents that evolution in the album's title track, "Short Movie," which she's shared with a sweet animated video about a horse, a long run, and the big sky. It begins as a small and gentle meditation on self-doubt, and then building slowly—until she decides (at 1:05) what the hell. At which point, a storm of drum and string and a free-flow of confidence tumbles out. Short Movie is out March 24 in the U.S.( via Ribbon Music), which thankfully isn't really as far away as it seems.

Short Movie tracklist:

1. Warrior
2. False Hope
3. I Feel Your Love
4. Walk Alone
5. Strange
6. Don't Let Me Bring You Down
7. Easy
8. Gurdjieffs's Daughter
9. Divine
10. How Can I
11. Howl
12. Short Movie
13. Worship Me

Photo Credit: Karl Walter/Getty Images

Laura Marling Storms Back With “Short Movie”