Download A New Track From Thom Yorke

The Radiohead frontman channels the Hulk on “Youwouldn’tlikemewhenI’mangry.”

December 26, 2014

A few months back, Thom Yorke released his surprise new solo album Tomorrow's Modern Boxes via BitTorrent, and it went on to become the year's most legally downloaded BitTorrent Bundle. Today, he wrote on Twitter that he's "continuing the 'experiment' (kind of !!)" by dropping a new track on Bandcamp, which he reckons is "less technical for some peeps than BitTorrent." The track—named "Youwouldn'tlikemewhenI'mangry," with a nod to the Hulk—is available now to stream and download for the price of your choice, and is pretty beautiful. Dive in below.

Photo credit: Mark Metcalfe/Getty

Posted: December 26, 2014
Download A New Track From Thom Yorke