Flying Lotus Is Writing A “Stupid Movie”

It’s probably not stupid.

Photographer Mark Mahaney
January 10, 2015

The ever-unpredictable Flying Lotus is expanding his repertoire to include screenwriting. The producer, rapper and label boss shared the tidbit that he's currently writing a movie on Twitter this week, while answering general questions about his upcoming projects. He elaborated that he got the inspiration while in Tokyo, and so far has just been writing for fun, though he hopes to get Kahlil Joseph (who directed his Until The Quiet Comes short film) to work on the project. Read the tweets on what FlyLo self-effacingly calls the "stupid movie" below, and for a more extended peek into Steven Ellison's mind, read his FADER cover story from last year, touching on his relationship to drugs, jazz, and death.

Posted: January 10, 2015
Flying Lotus Is Writing A “Stupid Movie”