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Jay Electronica Delivers “Road To Perdition”

“Can you smell what #TheRoc is cooking?”

March 06, 2015

Last night a never-before-heard cut allegedly off Jay Electronica's mythological Act II: Patents of Nobility (The Turn) hit the web, and this morning he blessed us with the CDQ stream. Titled "Road to Perdition," it features Jay-Z ad-libs (that are actually recycled from "Success") and all the expected lyrical slayage:

A thousand kisses to the haters 'cause they made me greater
A thousand wishes from a million slaves could raise a savior
A thousand visions to these dickheads at these major labels
From Big Daddy Kane to big daddy Cain and Abel

You paid the cost to be a boss, n***a I paid the wager
Mastered both sides of the force, plus I made my saber.

"Can you smell what #TheRoc is cooking?" he tweeted (and has since deleted) after sharing the song, which you'll remember was included on the tracklist that circulated a few years back. So maybe we'll be hearing Act II sooner rather than never?

Lead Image: SoundCloud

Jay Electronica Delivers “Road To Perdition”