Ciara On Russell Wilson: “He Really Is An Awesome Person”

The singer fielded questions about her connection to the quarterback on Hot 97.

May 07, 2015

In an interview with Hot 97 earlier this week, Rosenberg and Ciara talked about the singer's possible new relationship with Russell Wilson. Rosenberg pushes the conversation towards Wilson around the 5:35 mark. "I don't make any moves until I'm sure about them," the singer told the radio host, "especially now." "Every decision that I make in my life I can't make the most perfect one, but every step I take in my life right now I'm going to try and do my best with it and move exactly when I feel on something." Rosenberg kept fishing for more details about the star quarterback, but Ciara held back. "All I can to you is he really is an awesome person."

Wilson seems to think Ciara is pretty awesome as well: he sent her a good luck Tweet on the first night of her Jackie tour.

Lead Image: Jason Merritt / Getty Images

Posted: May 07, 2015
Ciara On Russell Wilson: “He Really Is An Awesome Person”