Listen To Dream Beach’s “Drove My Car Into The Ocean”

The electronic singer-songwriter finds peace in the sea.

May 12, 2015

The title "Drove My Car Into The Ocean" might evoke crashing and ruination upon reading, but Detroit producer and singer (or "electronic singer-songwriter," as Ryan Hemsworth once more aptly described him) Dream Beach's take on the phrase is much prettier and more hopeful than that. The song opens with a gentle swell of gurgles and gasps and MPC tinkering, only cresting a few minutes in when everything gets muffled and he sings, with calm resolution, I drove my car into the ocean and that's where I'll be.

"I wrote the words while I was struggling with transition," Dream Beach tells The FADER, describing a tumultuous spell and the exodus from his home in Detroit that followed. "Sometimes you have to get LOST to find IT. Before that giving up on myself sounded bittersweet. Comfort can be like heroin. I know now that this is just the beginning for me. I named the song before I ever started producing the beat. It's the journey between death and returning as something eternal like the ocean. It's a metaphor for being reborn artistically. "

Lead photo: Cory Klinakis/Getty Images

Listen To Dream Beach’s “Drove My Car Into The Ocean”