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Get A Taste Of Tyler, The Creator’s New Media Channel

A new trailer shows off original cartoons, a Seth Rogen interview, skate videos and more.

June 03, 2015

Soundtracked by Tyler, The Creator's "The Brown Stains of Darkeese Latifah Part 6-12," GOLF Media has released its first official trailer and it is pretty wild. But more than any individual part of the video, what's striking is just how well-rounded GOLF Media seems to be: live interviews, GOLF Sports, radio shows, skate videos, original cartoons, concert live streams are all being promised. Ahead of the app's release, Tyler's manager Christian Clancy described the channel's widespread aspirations: "It's a bunch of different things that are original, curated and constantly changing. Original series, content, live streaming, radio, tour stuff, golf wang, interactive and whatever other buzzwords that sound mildly annoying and marketing-like." You can sign up now for a free two-month trial—afterwards you pay $5 a month. Golf Media is substantially cheaper than other online streaming services, and its mobile-optimization is ideal for Tyler, The Creator's young fan base. Which, after this trailer, we're guessing is about to get even bigger. Sign up here.

Get A Taste Of Tyler, The Creator’s New Media Channel