Noah Creates A Beautiful Fog On “Flexion”

From the Japanese artist’s upcoming debut album, which is named after shadowy walks down side-roads.

June 11, 2015

It's about time Noah, Japanese label Flau's jazzy secret weapon, released a debut album. But Noah isn't the kind of artist you can hurry along: just listen to her last mixtape, MOOD, with its dense textures and melodies that slowly unfurl on their surface like smoke.

Thankfully, debut LP Sivutie will finally see its release via Flau on June 22nd, and it's every bit worth the wait. The name Sivutie, Noah explained to The FADER over email, comes from the Finnish word for "side road." "I’m inspired by the landscape of a moonlit night," she added, "when everything is wrapped in dense fog. I imagine a young boy wondering alone on a side road that is cast with menacing shadows." Noah touches on Delsin Records producer Newworldaquarium and church choirs as points of reference for the album track "Flexion," streaming exclusively below, where Noah uses crackly, white noise ambience to create the image of "a deep murky fog that engulfs everything around it," with a dim street light—her voice, as clear and fragile as glass—cutting through the gloom. Listen below.

Noah Creates A Beautiful Fog On “Flexion”