Hear A New Robyn Song, “Love Is Free”

The singer hopes to release a mini-album “really soon.”

June 18, 2015
Hear A New Robyn Song, “Love Is Free” Audun Braastad / Getty Images

BBC's Annie Mac premiered a new Robyn track today: "Love Is Free," a collaboration with La Bagatelle Magique. After the meandering Do It Again EP last year, this song represents a return to maximum-power dancefloor Robyn. "Love Is Free" has the relentless drive and optimistic attitude of an early '90s club hit, with taunting, child-like vocals that comes close to hip-house.


Robyn also talked a bit on air about her work with La Bagatelle Magique. "We've been making music since I was a kid together," she said. "We started working on this record three years ago." Tragically, one of her collaborators, Christian Falk, died during the recording process, but Robyn is hoping to release new mini-album "really soon"—"sometime during the summer." Check out the first taste of the new project below.

Hear A New Robyn Song, “Love Is Free”