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Blondes Shares Trippy, 50-Minute Studio Edit

They also have a new EP, Persuasion, due out this August.

June 23, 2015

Almost exactly two years ago to this day, Sam Haar and Zachary Steinman surprise-dropped their sophomore album, Swisher, online, balancing the pounding, stripped-back club music they'd become known for with a noise kid's fascination with texture. Though you can still stream it in its entirety on YouTube, we haven't heard much original material from the New York electronic duo since, which bites, because if you go back five years in time, they were one of the groups that got the New York DIY scene into house and techno music in the first place. Anyway, Blondes just upped a new, 50-minute composition called Rein to their SoundCloud; according to a press release, they cobbled it together from a "lost weekend studio studio binge" in preparation for the recording of Persuasion, a new EP they have coming out via RVNG Intl. That one's not out until August 7th, but Rein is a pretty immaculately delicate listen in its own right, and you can even buy a cassette version if you like it.

Blondes Shares Trippy, 50-Minute Studio Edit