Gregg Araki’s Short Film For Kenzo Looks Batshit, Duh

Watch a teaser trailer for “Here Now,” out July 4th.

June 24, 2015

If you're familiar with the universe of Gregg Araki—the filmmaker behind cult teen movies like Mysterious Skin and The Doom Generation—there are certain on-screen hallmarks you can expect from any project with his name attached, including but not limited to: hyper-stylized sets, deadpan existentialism, a shoegaze-y soundtrack, and a cast of attractive, sexually ambiguous young adults. Based on its teaser trailer, the new five-minute film Araki wrote and directed in collaboration with Kenzo will explore an abbreviated—and maybe exaggerated—version of his typical aesthetic, right down to the protagonists' aloof, vacant stares. Watch the teaser above, and see the rest on July 4th.

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Gregg Araki’s Short Film For Kenzo Looks Batshit, Duh