Hear Tijuana Panthers’ New Summer Joyride Jam, “Front Window Down”

The Long Beach trio’s new album is due at summer’s end.

June 25, 2015

It's little surprising that the video for Tijuana Panthers' new track, "Front Window Down" wasn't filmed inside a car. The buoyant guitar-pop tune is about "being a young backseat passenger," the band told FADER in an email. "No control of the cold air, the smoke, or the night's direction. Yet, happy to be out of the house and on your own." With its muddy bass line and sunbeam riffs, it's maybe the exact right song for your last-day-of-school joyride, when you're feeling aimless but also invincible, and there's an empty country road—and the whole summer—stretched out before you. The band's new Innovative Leisure full-length, POSTER, is out August 28th; its album art and track listing are down below.

Track listing:

1. Foolish
2. Church Bell
3. Set Forth
4. Send Down the Bombs
5. Power Plant
6. Miss You Hardly Know Me
7. Gated Patio
8. I Hate Saturday Nights
9. Front Window Down
10. Monitor
11. Right and Wrong
12. Trujillo

Hear Tijuana Panthers’ New Summer Joyride Jam, “Front Window Down”