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Watch Tijuana Panthers’ James Bond-Spoofing “Nobo” Video

The Long Beach rock trio share visuals for the slinky album cut.

July 31, 2014


James Bond spoofs aren't exactly rare; there's the Austin Powers trilogy, Spy Hard, and even certain moments of the Pierce Brosnan entries feel a bit like self-parodies. Most of those movies are fun, though, and so is this new video for Long Beach trio Tijuana Panthers' song "Nobo," which features lots and lots of diamonds and Bond Girl silouhettes. It's seems like an extra effective concept if you consider the track's slinky chord progression and its hazily familiar, 007 theme-esque chorus. "Nobo" is from the band's new record, Wayne Interest, out now on Innovative Leisure. They also landed an opening slot on Fucked Up's end-of-summer tour; dates on the poster. Below that, watch them perform "Cherry Street" at our Analog Migration party in Chicago.

Watch Tijuana Panthers’ James Bond-Spoofing “Nobo” Video