Watch Kanye West Meet Caitlyn Jenner For The First Time

West appeared in the series premiere to praise Jenner’s strength (and talk about his sneakers).

July 27, 2015

This weekend saw the premiere of Caitlyn Jenner's new reality series I Am Cait on E!, and son-in-law Kanye West stopped by with his wife Kim Kardashian to make a touching cameo. Jenner spoke of West's ongoing support earlier this year in her coming out interview with Diane Sawyer, but this is the first time West has spoken about the family matter on record.


West told Jenner that her transition is "one of the strongest things that have happened in our existence as human beings that are so controlled by perception. ‘Cause you couldn’t have been up against more. Your daughter’s a supermodel, you’re a celebrity...every type of thing, and it was still like, ‘Fuck everybody, this is who I am.’”

West also took the time to explain why his sneaker shoelaces weren't tied to Jenner's sister Pam, as she told him, "I just want to be cool!" Watch the cute family scene above.

Lead image credit: Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Watch Kanye West Meet Caitlyn Jenner For The First Time