50 Cent Reveals More Financial Details

The rapper’s mansion is reportedly a major drain on his bank account.

August 04, 2015
50 Cent Reveals More Financial Details Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

50 Cent has been in and out of court in recent months trying to prove that he’s not actually as rich as everyone thinks. Last month, he told a Manhattan court that his lifestyle was all for show. Billboard reported today that the rapper told a Connecticut court that he is currently making $185,000 a month “from royalties and interest on his investments.” He spends $108,000 of that each month. More than $70,000 reportedly goes to upkeep on his Connecticut mansion.


The rapper was recently ordered to pay $5 million to a woman whose sex tape he released without her permission. He filed for bankruptcy shortly after this ruling. The fine was subsequently increased by $2 million for punitive damages.

50 Cent Reveals More Financial Details