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Darkstar Come After David Cameron In Their Satirical New Video

The Warp Records duo parody media-stoked paranoia about immigration in clip for “Pin Secure.”

August 06, 2015

"I want to build a Britain in which everyone feels secure," says UK Prime Minister David Cameron in the opening of London-based duo Darkstar's video for their gentle hymn of a single, "Pin Secure." It's from one of the Conservative Party leader's many "British values" themed speeches that employ the rhetoric of "security" to subtly reinforce fear and prejudice amongst the general public. Except sometimes he's not so subtle: he recently referred to people in a French immigration camp who were hoping to come to Britain for a better life as a "swarm." Such language—"security," "swarm"—seeks to divide and dehumanize, and serves the media-stoked paranoia of the British working class: that their jobs will be taken by immigrants. It's this mindset that Darkstar and video director Matthew Halsall tap into in the Black Mirror evoking "Pin Secure" video, parodying the prejudice before peeling it away to reveal a very real oppression that's a lot closer to home. It's powerful and poignant stuff. Warp Records will release Darkstar's third album Foam Island on 2nd October.

Darkstar Come After David Cameron In Their Satirical New Video