This Couple Used Future’s Album Art For Their Hip-Hop Themed Wedding

More than meets the eye.

August 09, 2015

#FutureHive gets realer by the day, but for North Carolina couple Donovan Livingston and Lauren West-Livingston the most important part of DS2 was the album artwork. Photos floating around on Twitter and Instagram show their wedding ceremony, complete with the album art on the program, color-coordinated flowers, and even matching dresses for the bridesmaids. As it turns out, it was all just a happy, beautiful coincidence.

"The whole ceremony and the entire reception were hip-hop themed," Livingston told the FADER via email. "When we were introduced at the reception, we came out to 'International Players Anthem' by UGK and Outkast. We wanted to give an homage to all walks of hip-hop and rap. At the reception, instead of table numbers, we had our guests seated at different albums based on how we know them. The tables ranged from Low End Theory by A Tribe Called Quest, to The State vs. Radric Davis by Gucci Mane."

Livingston and West-Livingston had been planning all along to use turquoise and purple in their wedding ceremony. "When DS2 came out and became instantly popular on the internet, our first thought about the cover art was 'Hey, those are our wedding colors!'" Livingston said. "Eventually we were like, 'That's also a really beautiful design.' We decided since the cover art matched our wedding party's colors perfectly, and because DS2 is such a hit right now, it would be a great, fun way to keep the hip-hop theme going."

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That isn't to say that the newlyweds aren't a part of #FutureHive. "Our favorite song on DS2, without a doubt, is Commas, which was actually the only Future song played at the wedding, during the reception." Livingston said. We wish the best of luck and happiness to Mr. Livingston and Mrs. West-Livingston. Turn up.

This Couple Used Future’s Album Art For Their Hip-Hop Themed Wedding