Stop What You’re Doing And Watch This Lady Leshurr Freestyle

The British MC’s latest hilarious missive is going viral.

August 11, 2015

While grime has been getting international attention this year like never before, Birmingham MC Lady Leshurr is long overdue her own moment in the spotlight—but her new freestyle, which has amassed over a million views in 10 days, might just be her tipping point. "Queen's Speech 4" is the latest in a monthly Youtube series that sees Leshurr spin headlines into punchlines. I've got a dark-skinned friend that looks like Rachel Dolezal, and I've got a light-skinned friend that looks like Rachel Dolezal she muses, before delivering a fatal blow with the line: Got one eye on your man, Fetty Wap. Basically, every word of this freestyle is a gem, and you should just hurry up and click play if you haven't already. Download "Queen's Speech 4" here (while you're at it, get Lady Leshurr's *fire emoji* "Feeling Myself" remix here), and join us as we wait on the edges of our seats for "Queen's Speech 5."