GZA Is Making An Album With Vangelis

Someone Voight-Kamff me.

August 29, 2015

GZA has seen things you people wouldn't believe. One of them is legendary electronic musician Vangelis, who is working on the Wu-Tang member's new album Dark Matter.

For the uninitiated/replicants, Vangelis is the Oscar-winning artist behind the iconic soundtracks for Chariots of Fire, Blade Runner and Carl Sagan's Cosmos. He's never collaborated with a rapper before, so you can't really fault GZA for cancelling his tour to finish the Vangelis sessions (he posted news of the cancellation to Facebook along with the above photo).


GZA promises that we'll hear "new material" in the spring; let's hope we're not synthetic humans and that this great news isn't part of an implanted memory designed to give our masters more control over how we function.

GZA Is Making An Album With Vangelis