Last Night In Paris Want To Get “Close To You”

A first class ticket from Britain to Bounce City.

September 03, 2015

Last Night In Paris are a London-based DIY collective. Six months ago, the group collaborated with director Karim Huu Do on a short film titled "Pure" set between the concrete of London and the knotty countryside. In November they'll release a new EP, called PURE.

Ahead of PURE, LNIP plan to drop two tracks each month. The first treat is "Close To You," featuring vocalist KC and tightly-drawn raps from Taurean and Collard. The multi-layered song is both dreamy and grounded; the production is by CLBTS and Fwdslxsh.


"'Close To You' is a track we've been sitting on for a while," Last Night In Paris told The FADER in an email. "Our guy CLBTS sent us over an idea that samples Sampha and we sat down and vibed and layed down vocals till it became what it is now. Funny, actually, we met Sampha when we were recording the song in XL studios. He just bopped in, it was surreal. Fwdslxsh came through and did some additional production and finishing touches to give it that extra vibe."

Last Night In Paris Want To Get “Close To You”