Rick Ross Releases “Babies Cry”

The rapper briefly acknowledges facing kidnapping charges.

September 22, 2015

Rick Ross has been embroiled in a number of legal situations this year. In June, the rapper was arrested for allegedly pistol-whipping and kidnapping a contractor working on his house. This month, TMZ reported that one of the MC's associates—Ross described him as "an independent contractor, whose services I use often"—is being sued for rape.

Despite these incidents, Ross has been making music at a prolific rate. Today he shared "Babies Cry," a laid-back soul-rap track. In passing, he mentions facing "three kidnapping charges" before moving on to assert his resiliency in the face of all obstacles. This is the MC's second loosie since the release of the entire Black Dollar mixtape; listen below.


Rick Ross Releases “Babies Cry”