Wet Shares “It’s All In Vain”

Pure anguish.

November 12, 2015

Like so many Wet songs, "It's All In Vain" is fragile, delicate to the point of evaporation. Wisps of R&B are refracted through a ghostly prism: the crashing cymbals around 1:40 wouldn't be out of place in a gut-wrenching Stax ballad, but they're remote and muted, like Wet is too depressed to bother with the musical drama.

There's nothing muted about the lyrics though. Kelly Zutrau's words are a pithy distillation of romantic torture: I don't believe you when you say you love me most, and when you tell me I'm the only one/ And I can't feel you when you're touching me and telling me that this time you want all of me.


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Wet Shares “It’s All In Vain”