This Winter, It’s Time To Quit Minimalist Clothing

Wrap yourself in the season’s coziest, creepiest garments instead.

Photographer Tina Tyrell
December 02, 2015

It’s become common practice, renting someone else's home over the internet. Arriving at a weird house and exploring its layout is now both thrilling and familiar. An adopted weekend haunt makes a nice backdrop for winter’s soft gothic clothes—it’s easy to imagine finding impossibly light tulle gowns in some moth-desiccated garment bag in an attic, or the joy of trying on a strangers’ deep-ribbed turtleneck with extra-extra-long sleeves.


In the fashion story for our 101st issue, every piece is a statement piece. Unconventional shapes are even bolder in luxury materials: creamy cashmere sweatpants, steel-toed leather brogues, a sweater striped with blue fur. These clothes have nothing to do with retail trends like one-size-fits-all, or the functionality of normcore staples, or slick and genderless minimalism. They’re intimate and sentimental. They command attention and invite petting. Exaggerated silhouettes, like the articulated flare of a pant leg, emphasize individuality. These are eerie, warm clothes searching for their owners. Maybe it’s you.

Styling by Mobolaji Dawodu. Hair & Makeup by Allie Smith.


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