Chairlift Shares Action-Packed “Romeo” Video

“I’ve got all day to wipe the smile off your face.”

December 07, 2015

Chairlift's "Romeo" is based on an old Greek myth in which a woman agrees to marry on the condition that any suitor is able to beat her in a sprint. The stakes are high: if he loses the competition, he dies. The band's clip for the track, directed by that go, builds on this premise. It starts with a voice-over: "Alright loverboy, deal's a deal. If she wins, you're dead. If you win, she's yours. The bike's on Mott." Then it's off to the races.


"Rome" will appear on Moth, which arrives January 29. Revisit Polachek's FADER interview.

Chairlift Shares Action-Packed “Romeo” Video