Spotify Shares Statistics From The First Weekend Of Beatles Streaming

“Come Together” is the top pick internationally.

December 27, 2015

Depending on who you ask, The Beatles might be trash and an inferior musical group to Migos, but that didn't stop people around the world from streaming the Fab Four's discography when it hit Spotify, Apple Music, and other services on Christmas Eve. Spotify has shared some general statistics from the first few days; according to Hypebot, Beatles songs were added to over 637,000 playlists in the first 48 hours, with 65% of listeners falling under the age of 34. "Come Together" was the most-streamed Beatles tune on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, both in the United Kingdom and internationally.

That being said, Paul McCartney is not an expert on dabbing, so jury's still out on whether the Beatles or Migos are more impactful to the culture overall.

Posted: December 27, 2015