Yakki And Kash Doll Are “Better Without Ya”

New year, new attitude.

January 04, 2016

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New year, new attitude: Yakki is approaching 2016 with a new tact. On his blustery new single "Better Without Ya," the bellicose Atlanta rapper—who was once best known for his collaborations with the likes of Future and Young Thug—trumpets his plans to stake out on his own. Fuck do I need 'em for, I can do better with out 'em, he snarls.


"A lot of broken promises in this game made me realize I needed to go out on my own to create success," Yakki explained in an email to The FADER. "I was in a slump for a while when I felt like no one was there for me, then I broke out of it. That's where this record really came from."

The track also features a take-no-shit verse from the self-proclaimed dead fresh fly Detroit rapper Kash Doll.

"Better Without Ya" will be featured on Yakki's Life of YakkStick mixtape, which is expected to drop this February.

Yakki And Kash Doll Are “Better Without Ya”