Download The Deluxe Edition Of Wiki’s Lil Me

And watch a new video from the rapper.

January 08, 2016

Wiki made an expanded version of his solo debut available for free download on BitTorrent today. The additional materials in the Torrent bundle include a lyric sheet, a bonus track, and the new video for "Crib Tax." Jacob Wayler and Matt Lubansky shot the clip, which finds Wiki rapping fiercely in a small apartment: I'll be in the crib givin' every motherfuckin' kid crib tax/ Bro I live here, so if you gonna bring a brew, yeah, I'm gonna sip that. The track is produced by Kaytranada and it incorporates live saxophone playing from Isaiah Barr.


Watch above, and download here.

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Download The Deluxe Edition Of Wiki’s Lil Me